Facilia offers a range of services in fields of:

  • Safety assessment in radioactive waste management.
  • Assessment of doses to the public from radionuclide releases from nuclear facilities.
  • Risk assessment in support to remediation of NORM and legacy sites.
  • Development of software for simulation modelling and risk assessment.
  • Face-to-face and online training.

We are a company with ideas that have developed into successful outputs (e.g. Ecolego) and we intend to expand our business interests into a number of areas, including:

  • Technology transfer to third world countries.
  • Commercialisation of own developed software.
  • Application of risk assessment methodology into differing fields.
  • Webcasting and E-learning solutions.

Facilia is a small company but benefits from calling upon a range of independent experts to complement its expertise when needed. Our associate consultants promote Facilia’s expertise through their support and willingness to contribute to Facilia’s activities. The staff’s background also provides extra efficiency due to the vast number of languages that are represented.

Technical assistance

Technical assistance services in the risk assessment and simulation modelling fields. Facilia has been invited as a consultant to the IAEA to participate in expert missions, e.g. Ukraine. Within safety assessment, Facilia leads a working group as part of the SADWRMS (Safety Assessment Driving Radioactive Waste Management Solutions) project.


Risk Assessment services in the field of environmental and human health protection. Facilia uses the knowledge gained whilst developing its tools and software to implement risk assessment models applicable to a wide range of scenarios.

Software Development

Facilia develops software for creating dynamic models and performing deterministic or probabilistic simulations, software helping in performing safety assessments as well as client-specific web and database applications.


Examples of software developed by Facilia:

  • SAFRAN (Safety Assessment Framework) – a user-friendly software application that incorporates the methodologies developed within the IAEA SADRWMS and CRAFT projects.
  • Babar – a tool for estimating Probability Density Functions.
  • ERICA Assessment Tool, an important output of the ERICA project founded by EC 6th Framework Programme.
  • MERLIN-Expo software which contains a library of models for exposure assessment of chemicals coupling environmental multimedia and pharmacokinetic (PBPK) models.


We offer education of staff unfamiliar with modelling skills, safety and risk assessments. Courses are held either at the Facilia office or on site, when this is more convenient ot our clients. For example, Ecolego training courses have taken place for Swedish, Latvian, Finninsh, Russian and Lithuaninan radiation protection authorities.

Facilia also participate in training courses for the IAEA, within the fields of risk assessment and safety.


Facilia is at the moment advancing in the fast growing area of E-learning. The concept of e-learning covers all forms of online learning and teaching, and is being used by a growing number of universities and institutions worldwide. This form of online knowledge distribution is both cost effective and provides new possibilities to create dynamic learning approaches. It also enables knowledge to be distributed to much larger audiences.

Facilia is a certified partner with Sonic Foundry and an active reseller of their webcasting platform Mediasite. Mediasite is market leading in the area of lecture capture, enterprise and event capture and provides a complete solution to the costumer by providing both hardware for capture, tools for editing and a platform for distributing the final product.

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